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COVID Vaccine rollout

The Covid vaccine rollout is split into 4 groups to ensure that the most vulnerable of our population are vaccinated first. Vaccines are currently available for those in Groups 1, 2 & 3. To find out when you are eligible to make an appt click on the link below and answer the questions.

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End of Life Care

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As a team we are experienced in providing comprehensive and compassionate care. We often work closely with Waipuna Hospice. It is our experience that we are able to help manage symptoms well. There have been changes to End of Life Care options. We are open to talk to patients about End of Life Care. As a practice we do not endorse active euthanasia. Even though we do not choose to participate in active euthanasia, we will ensure patients get the appropriate information that enables then to make informed decisions about their End of Life...

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Wanting to book an appointment, view test results or order a script, but find it difficult to organise in normal business hours? Simply join our patient portal using the link on the main page of our website.    

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Needing a Drivers Medical?

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Driver’s Medicals require a complete review of your past medical history, your medications as well as your current physical and mental health. They require time with both the practice nurse and doctor and as such cannot be squeezed into a ‘normal’ 15 minute appointment slot. Driver’s Medicals are not funded by government subsidy and therefore attract a higher charge than normal. When carrying out a driver’s medical your doctor is subject to the rules and regulations set out by Land Transport, who will be informed...

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Bone Health & Fracture Risk

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As we age our bones can become more brittle and fracture risk increases. A bone density scan is a good measure for assessing bone health. If you are interested in having this health check, please make contact with one of the clinical team for a referral. The cost of the scan is around $170.

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